Joel Zumaya appeared arrived at Hammond Stadium this morning and met with GM Terry Ryan as he mulls his immediate future.

Zumaya, who suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament on Saturday, will miss the entire season. But he's had so many things go wrong with his arm that he is wondering whether he wants to go through another lengthy rehabilitation program. He has not thrown a pitch since June of 2010 at Target Field when he was a member of the Tigers.

He didn't hold back when asked which way he was leaning. Right now, he said, he's leaning against surgery.

`` I know I’m young, but I’m going to probably be going on six surgeries if I get another one,'' he said. ``I’m only 27 years old and I’ve taken a lot of wear and tear on my body, especially my arm, and then rehab -- it’s a lot out of you. So I have a little two-and-a-half-year-old; maybe it’s time to move on. I’m a pretty dang good fisherman, so I might pursue professional fishing..”

He said he has received over 100 messages from players around the league, and the Twins have been very supportive.

``I went home, tried to make a decision -- I’ve got my family here with me -- but it’s a tough decision, so I’m going to go on within the next day or two and make a decision,'' he said. ``I spoke to Terry and told him that I’ll probably give him a call within the next 24 hours to determine if I’m going to get cut up or not.”

If he decides to have surgery, he could do under the Twins' watch or opt for something else.

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