Minneapolis-based start-up Zipnosis and Fairview Health Services said they will work together to provide online diagnosis and treatment for minor health ailments starting in January.

Minnesota residents will log onto www.zipnosis.com, pay $25 and answer a online survey about their health. A Fairview physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner evaluates the survey and sends the patient their diagnosis and treatment options for minor ailments such as colds, acne and yeast infections.

Zipnosis says the response will be sent back in an hour, if the patient submits the survey during office hours.

If the patient’s symptoms require a closer look, the patient will be given a phone number to Fairview Nurse Advisors, as well as a link to the live chat with a Fairview nurse.

“Together, Fairview and Zipnosis are making high-quality health care convenient and affordable for consumers,” said Terry Martinson, Fairview Medical Group executive regional medical director in a statement. “When patients need care for specific conditions, we are just a click away.”

Zipnosis previously worked with Park Nicollet Health Services, but that one-year pilot agreement expired last summer, said Park Nicollet spokesman Jeremiah Whitten. He declined comment on why the agreement was not extended or renewed.

Both Zipnosis and Fairview receive a percentage of the $25 fee patients pay to use the service, said Fairview spokeswoman Jennifer Amundson.