We’ll know shortly whether quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has passed the second and final stage of the NFL concussion protocol system in time for today’s practice. But, earlier today, coach Mike Zimmer said Bridewater was “progressing nicely” as he continued to go through the protocol.

As for Bridgewater’s season to this point, Zimmer gave this evaluation:

“I just think the comfort level that he has is better,” Zimmer said. “I think that he has to be able to make some plays when we have them there. He’s missed a few and it could be a combination of things. We have to do better in the passing game. There’s no question about it. Sometimes it’s protections. Sometimes, it’s routes. Sometimes, it’s guys covered. And sometimes we’re not making the correct reads or the correct throws. We have to do better there.”

Zimmer was asked if part of it was Bridgewater being aware that he’s a complementary player in a team that’s built around the run, solid defense and field position.

“He understands and I think that’s a little bit of it,” Zimmer said. “Sometimes, he’s cautious with the ball because he doesn’t want to give the other team a chance. I think he sees us playing fairly good defense at times. But I do have belief that when we get behind in games, he doesn’t play that way. He kind of lets it loose and plays football. And I want him to be more like that through the course of the ballgame. But he’s taking good care of the ball. He’s moving in the pocket. He’s avoiding negative plays. But there are times when he just needs to say, ‘The heck with it. It’s my ball. Let’s go.’

“There is a fine line there. You don’t want to go crazy because you got Adrian in the backfield. You want to hand him the football some, but I still think … in my mind, Teddy is a playmaker. I think we want him to continue to try and make plays with some of these. Sometimes, he’s a little bit too much of a complementary football [player] maybe.”

Another highlight from Zimmer ….

— When asked to comment on what Rams coach Jeff Fisher said about what Zimmer said about Fisher after the illegal hit on Bridgewater, Zimmer decided to end the string of he-said, he-saids: “You know what, I’ve moved on to the Raiders. I’m not going to get into all of that. … I just worry about the Raiders. I’m not worried about it [his relationship with Fisher]. I’m sure we’ll see each other at some point, but …”

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