Amongst the plethora of JFK material on the web today, you might find this intriguing: a motion-stabilized version of the Zapruder film. Daily Dot says:

The GIF was posted on Reddit more than two weeks ago and, like the original Zapruder film itself, is raising questions as to what really happened that day.

Not really. “Raising Questions” n this instance means “people who haven’t studied a thing about the murder are pointing out details that have been settled long ago.” Rob Reiner, who recently insisted on the Bill Maher show that the motorcade slowed down, perhaps on orders from the Illuminati, will say the GIF is faked.

OUCH From the Daily Mail - a newspaper in Jolly Olde - this headline: “A balanced news report: TV journalist faceplants during live broadcast from ice rink.” Subhead:

M.A. Rosko was broadcasting live from the Minnesota rink when she fell

Went face-first onto the ice and later tweeted she had swelling to her lip

A Minneapolis reporter goes down, and it’s news in England? Only because there’s video.

DESIGN Your favorite books, if they were not books at all, but a brand of tea. I was just wondering what they’d look like.

DASH-CAM DU JOUR Space rock illuminates the Ukrainian sky. No earth-shattering kaboom this time, though.

Because everyone has cameras in their car, we have the meteorite from another angle:

Off to finish a column; see you around.