I'm starting to suspect that this Twins team might have a few problems.

It's just a hunch.

-At least we've got Jim Thome to watch. In a season that has been dominated by abysmal play and Harmon Killebrew's passing, Thome has moved seven homers from 600. His 600th will be the highlight of the season.

-Kevin Slowey has ruined his Twins career, and he may be on his way to ruining his big-league career.

What's interesting about this guy is that when he first starting making his move through the Twins' minor-league system, everybody loved him. He was said to talk a lot, but most of those who knew him liked what he had to say. They thought he was a smart pitcher and an interesting guy.

Now he's a selfish, excuse-making malcontent. The Twins' biggest problem other than injuries is their bullpen. Slowey could have been part of the solution. He could have even become a setup man, given the failures and injuries of so many other key Twins' relievers.

Instead, a team desperate for arms is about to send a pretty good big-league pitcher to the minors (or trade him for less than full value) and everybody in the organization that I know will be thrilled to see him leave the Twin Cities.

-Only the Timberwolves. Well, OK, maybe not only the Timberwolves could be this dysfunctional. After all, the Portland Trail Blazers, a pretty good team, just fired another general manager.

But at least the Blazers win a game once in a while.

I didn't have much interest in pre-draft workouts that don't include Derrick Williams, so I wasn't at Target Center on Monday. My bad. I would have paid lots of cash to get to see Kurt Rambis and David Kahn trying to co-exist in the same space.

I don't think Rambis is much of a coach, but compared to his owner and boss - Glen Taylor and Kahn - he's Albert Einstein. I don't know what Kahn is going to decide, but I would guess that his decision will take too long, and lead to another mistake.

-I know I keep saying this, but it merits saying: The NBA is fabulous, and those Minnesotans who have lost interest in the league because of the Wolves' ineptitude are missing a great show.

Last night, Dirk Nowitzki hit the most improbable series of shots I think I've ever seen to bring Dallas back from a 15-point deficit, leading to an overtime victory over OKC.

What we see in the NBA is a compelling mixture of star power, incredible skill, incredible athletic ability and required savvy. As important as it is to have great athletes, you don't win unless you're well-coached, you play ferocious defense, and you play well together.

Dallas plays tremendous team defense. Chicago was the best defensive team in the league this season. And Miami, with LeBron James able to switch on defense and handle any offensive player on the court, might be the current best defensive team in the league.

And great defense leaves only the greatest offensive players able to score in the clutch, which is why Dallas (with Nowitzki) and Miami (with Wade, Bosh and James) will play in the finals. Because they have players who can beat great defenses.

-I never thought I'd say this, but I find radio on TV to be eerily compelling. I find myself watching Mike & Mike in the Morning and The Dan Patrick Show when I get up. And The Patrick Show works largely because he spends much of the show making fun of his four ``Dan-ettes,'' the staffers who wind up being accidental stars during the live look-ins.

I think I should suggest that to my bosses at 1500espn: Llve look-ins of Reusse and Mackey eating entire cows during the breaks.

-Upcoming: I'll be on 1500espn at 2:40 this afternoon. My twitter name is @Souhanstrib.

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