The high school basketball season is in its opening days and that causes some of us to keep a lookout for lopsided scores and wonder what happened on the court that night.

North Woods 116, South Ridge 27

A team of seniors plays a team relying on middle-schoolers and the scoreboard tells the story.

Liberty Classical 36, Learning for Leadership 4

There are times when a team enters an ugly down cycle by using young players with the hope they'll mature into a winning team.

Warroad 89, Lake of the Woods 26

Usually, it's better just to look the other way.

Concordia Academy 84, Math and Science Academy 19

But sometimes, a coach wants to tell the story behind the score. That was the case in Montana a few days again when the Brockton High girls' team played Froid-Medicine Lake.

Froid-Medicine Lake 102, Brockton 0

The winning team had three players who were at least six feet tall, Brockton was losing players for assorted reasons leading up to the game and had only five girls suit up. One was an eighth-grader, another was a sophomore who hadn't played basketball since sixth grade.

“We knew what we were getting into,” Brockton coach Terrence Johnson told the Great Falls Tribune. “We spent two weeks getting ready for this game, but when we got down to five players, all of our plans went right out the window. We got down quickly and stopped taking stats in the first quarter. I’m not sure if we even hit double figures in field goal attempts.”

Brockton played most of the second half with only four players when the sophomore hurt her ankle and the referees held the ball for the final 10 seconds after another player fell and hurt her knee. Froid-Medicine Lake scored 59 in the first half and the rest of the game was played without the clock stopping.

Winning coach Lance Brekke said: “This will never happen again, that’s for sure. The integrity of the game just went out the window.”

Losing coach Johnson said there was no ill-will toward the winners: "My girls did everything possible to score, and we were trying to find a way to get a crooked number up there They did nothing wrong. At the end of the day, they all went home and asked: ‘What’s for dinner, Mom?’”

If you need to know more, you can read the full story here.

In the meantime, know that some of us will be watching and rooting for Brockton.

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