I feel like there is just so much to share! Jess and I can't believe it's been less than 3 days that we've been here it total-we both feel so comfortable... Well my Spanish is shaky, but hey that's an improvement over the nada :)

So we arrived at the safest and nicest district of Lima called Miraflores on thursday morning at 2am, to be greeted by the most smiley little man at the hostel Jess brilliantly booked for us. We eased into the backpacker's lifestyle by allowing for a hot shower on the first morning. We spent the day perusing Lima, making our way through Miraflores to the beach where we found a beautiful park called the "parque de amor." it was walled with mosaics sprinkled with love quotes and lovers names whohad stopped there. In the very center was a HUGE statue of two lovers really just going at it. It of course cliffed over the pacific, making for a fantastic view.

Back at the hostel, we encountered for the first time our wonderful host Francis, who took us on a highlighter filled and dizoning virtual tour of Lima. We mentioned that we wanted to go to the big traditional dance show in town, so his friend Hugo called to get us VIP seats because he had played the guitar in the band of the show for decades. This show was celebrating it's 50th anniversary!

There was a bullfighting dance of the show and the young guy who played the finder reminded me  of none other than the Peruvian friend of Madeline (who's name is slipping me right now-help?). But he came over to me to hold his hat while he fought and I have to say I felt particularly special -ha.

Howver, the best part of the evening didn't come till the end when we were adopted on the dance floor by 5 60+ old Peruvian women. They had definitely had their eyes on us all night, and had us going in one of those circles where a couple people jump in the middle to be the center of attention. They brought us over tothere table to meet their husbands and serve us some beer! Finally, one of them gave us their phone number and said "call me!"

Oh what a night! And the next morning was crazy in a hectic way: spent at the Brazilian embassy, where Jess's Spanish didn't help and I learned that Americans get over charged! Jess paid $65 while they made me pay $160:/. But they were nice enough to keep the embassy open a couple minutes late on a Friday for me so I could run and print my paperwork. By the time I got back to the hostel to meet Jess, she told me to pack in 5 minutes to go on a weekend trip to paracas while we awaited our passports from the Brazilian embassy in Lima. Alas, here we are, got here last night, and couldn't be happier than right now on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pictures and details to come in the next post- get excited: I've added it to my honeymoon list...

Embracing the view at Huacachina

Embracing the view at Huacachina