So. You already know that when you thrift, you're saving money, doing something great for the environment, and supporting your favorite charities. But here are some less obvious reasons why thrifting ROCKS:

Unique takes on trends

If I've said it once, I've said it ... well, three or four times. At least. Nothing is truly new, and the best place to get trendy garments and accessories is your local thrift emporium. But what makes this trend-tracking technique even more appealing is that it can grant you access to sartorial uniqueness. Sixty bajillion people will have that same striped boatneck from Target. But the one you thrifted with the button details at the collar and sleeves? It'll set you apart while keeping you current.

Fit variety

It's true that thrift stores have a notoriously narrow range of sizes for sale. At least, most of them do. But they frequently offer fit variety that malls lack. Whenever trends come up around here, a few folks always mention that trends have an infuriating way of eclipsing the styles that preceded them. And it's true. In the early 90s, it seemed like no mall store in America was selling anything but scandalously low-rise jeans. My impression is that mass retailers are attempting to offer variety more consistently, but they can't keep everything in rotation at all times. Thrift stores, however, can. More variety is present because more eras of clothing production are represented. If you like a really high rise or low hemline, if you prefer longer blazers or boxy sweaters, they are ALL represented. Next time you are scouring a mall store for a fit they no longer sell, consider thrifting as an alternative.

Better quality than new

Plenty of brand new garments, shoes, and accessories are beautifully made and will last for decades. Plenty more are cheaply constructed and monstrously overpriced. All it takes is a spin through a thrift store handling older goods to see how manufacturing policies and practices have changed over time. Clothes from bygone eras are heavier, better designed, crafted from better materials, and built to last. When you buy a used garment from a thrift store, you may end up with a more durable, quality product than you would if you bought new. (Emphasis on "may," especially if you're buying recent goods ... but still!) Are you an avid thrifter? Why do you think thrifting is a fabulous way to stay fashionable? Image via weheartit.

Sally McGraw is the author of Already Pretty, a daily blog about the intersection of style and body image. 

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