Last year, dozens of Star Tribune readers submitted their ideas for the first annual Daddy-O Children's Scary Story feature. Three chapters were selected weekly in October 2011 to complete "The Tale of the Haunted Muskie". Click here to read last year's story.

It was certainly entertaining, so let's try again. Chapter 1 of the 2012 scary story will come out on this blog Monday, Oct 8. Writers will then have until Sunday, Oct. 14, to submit the second chapter. It will then be published on Monday, Oct. 15, and writers will then have the next week to write the third chapter. Altogether, the goal is to produce a fun, four-chapter story for Halloween that is scary (but not too freaky) for young readers. 

Give it a shot yourself. Tell your book club. Tell your kids. Tell their teachers. The more chapter submissions, the better. (No more than 500 words, please!) 

All entries will be viewable on a Google docs page, but only one will be selected each week and published here as the "official" next chapter.

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