I wrote two Sunday columns, one on Brad Childress' contract extension and one on Tim Brewster's mismanaging of the Gophers' offense.

What's interesting is that I was more optimistic about Brewster than Childress when they first arrived in the Twin Cities. Brewster was full of it, but he was an obsessive recruiter who immediately reached out to Minnesota high school coaches. Childress just seemed overwhelmed by the job in his first season.

While Childress has improved dramatically at just about every facet of the job, Brewster today is an even worse football coach than the guy who went 1-11. This team has a mixture of good, solid Glen Mason recruits and Brewster's supposedly strong recruiting classes, and yet the offense has regressed to the point where the defense might have a better chance of scoring.

The Gophers have gone eight consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown. Adam Weber is a mess. There is no running game. And the coaching staff does not seem capable of taking advantage of the immense talents of MarQuies Gray.

So we wander downstairs for the press conference today, and it made me realize just what a waste of time those usually are. After losses, Brewster appears incapable of thought, and his players seem to have been instructed to repeat a few key phrases.

The defensive players have to be livid. They dominated the game and yet lost by 12 points.

Brewster seems to think his incredible resume as a head coach should protect him from inquiries. I'm not sure he can think on his feet well enough to offer a thoughtful answer to any but the most obsequious questions.

What would be wrong with saying, ``Man, we have to fix our offense if we want to be a good team.''

Why does angrily stating things that are obviously not true seem like a good idea to this guy?

I'm not much of a sentimentalist, but I did feel sorry for the defensive players on Saturday. Especially those who signed on with Glen Mason and now have to watch Brewster's offense destroy their chances of a good season.

I'll have Chip Scoggins, Mike Russo, John Millea and Patrick Reusse on Sunday Sports Talk, along with Brad Lane, from 10-noon. Belichick cost me a game in our picks segment, but I'll still win it, as usual.

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