Man kills father on college campus

A man shot his father in the head with a bow and arrow in front of a computer science class on a community college campus in Casper not long after fatally stabbing his father's live-in girlfriend a couple miles away. Instructor James Krumm, 56, may have saved some of his students' lives Friday by giving them time to flee while trying to fend off his son, Christopher Krumm, 25, police Chief Chris Walsh said. Police don't know what motivated Krumm to attack his father and Heidi Arnold, 42, a college math instructor. Arnold was stabbed to death near the home she shared with James Krumm. After shooting his father, Christopher Krumm stabbed himself, then fatally stabbed his father, Walsh said. The younger Krumm died soon after.


Two killed in Miami airport bus crash

A bus carrying 32 members of a Jehovah's Witnesses church group hit a concrete overpass at Miami International Airport, killing two elderly people on board and leaving three others critically injured. Twenty-seven other passengers were hurt, but their injuries were minor.


Rebels pull hundreds of troops from Goma

M23, the rebel group that captured Goma, a strategic city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, pulled out hundreds of troops Saturday. M23 was under intense international pressure to leave Goma after inflicting a humiliating defeat on Congolese forces and setting off a national crisis with many anti-government protests.


Police have new leads in $11.5M gold heist

Gunmen pretending to be police stole 70 gold bars worth an estimated $11.5 million from a fishing boat in Curacao, and police say they have several leads in Friday's brazen heist. Authorities have the license plate number of one of three cars used in the getaway.


Rifts highlighted by election boycott

Kuwait's deep political rifts took center stage in parliamentary elections as backers of the ruling establishment cast ballots while a broad opposition alliance staged a boycott and vowed to reject the outcome. Kuwait has been left without an effective working parliament for more than five months.