Legacy Lake Placid Blue Rosewood

  Above is my favorite guitar, a G&L Legacy I purchased at Lavonne's in Savage.

Nothing makes Smoke on the Water sound better than this guitar.

 Thought for the day, as I prepared to watch the Timberwolves and Celtics:

Glen Taylor took forever to hire David Kahn, then Kahn took forever to hire Kurt Rambis, so by the time the Wolves actually started to prepare for the season, they had Kahn's acquisitions fitting uncomfortably into Rambis' rigid, triangle-offense, system.

Kahn's point guard, Jonny Flynn, is an up-and-down-the-court, pick-and-roll player, and Rambis wants him running the triangle. The Wolves' best player, Al Jefferson, is not a triangle player.

This, to me, is an indication that down the road Kahn will wind up trading Jefferson, keeping Kevin Love, and trying to find a center who can play alongside Love.

Rambis told Star Tribune basketball writer Jerry Zgoda and the other writers before the game that he's fine with Corey Brewer taking 20 shots a game, if they're the right shots.

To me, the right shot for Corey Brewer is the two-handed, uncontested dunk. What's wrong with just having the guy play to his strengths _ defense and running the floor?

Unless, of course, you're tanking the season to position yourself for high draft picks. Which isn't a bad idea.

Tonight, I believe Kevin Garnett will help the Wolves progress toward that goal.


 Legacy Lake Placid Blue Rosewood

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