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CP: I was in downtown St. Paul along with thousands of others on May 14, after Guv Dayton signed the gay-marriage thingy. After that spontaneous celebration, today’s Festival of Pride was seeming a bit been-there/done-that. Then along came SCOTUS and its DOMA drubbing. Are you just bursting with Pride in this landmark year?


RN: Totally, because there’s so very much to celebrate. Who knows? I may, after a many-years absence, even attend the Ashley Rukes Pride Parade, although I have absolutely nothing to wear. What about you?


CP: What, Brooks Brothers didn’t issue a rainbow-edition walking short?


RN: Good one.


CP: If any straight man can outshine parade-loving Mayor Rybak, it’ll be this year’s Grand Marshal and ex-Vikings punter, Chris Kluwe.


RN: The screams will be heard all the way to Mound. As they should be. He’s aces. What’s your favorite perennial parade contingent?


CP: The Firm float. Doug Melroe, the gym’s understated perspirer-in-chief, is a genius at making magic out of nothing more than 10 square centimeters of Spandex and a DayGlo swim noodle.


RN: For me, it’s all about the full-throttle roar that is Dykes on Bikes. And the Minnesota Freedom Band’s toe-tapping entertainment. And, of course, the PFLAG contingent. We love them.


CP: I treasure a snapshot of my mother entering Loring Park one year, wearing her sensible denim skirt and parading alongside some guy dressed as the Good Witch of the West.


RN: That Joanie. My happiest Pride memories are the years I walked in the parade, helping to carry an enormous rainbow flag and encouraging — OK, shouting — at paradegoers to toss their change for the AIDS Emergency Fund. It was exhilarating.


CP: What’s kept you from the parade-viewing stands in recent years? Shame?


RN: Boredom. It’s way too long, it needs an editor. Although given the recent legal advances, perhaps watching this year’s parade will be as much fun as walking in it.


CP: Two peeps who deserve big floats all their own are State Rep. Karen Clark and Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau.


RN: And State Sen. Scott Dibble.


CP: Still, the parade does seem to last longer than January in Minnesota.


RN: See? You’re doing a bang-up job of talking me out of it.


CP: Not so fast, buster. I am hooking the lavender-striped sidecar to the Vespa and will pick you up promptly at 11 a.m.


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