Ah Spring.  Finally. Last night as I walked around the back yard with my beverage of choice, I finally realized that we have turned the tide.  As with every Spring we see beauty and work ahead of us.

I lost my Mom 5 years ago, but the bright yellow of this daffodil reminds me of her smile and asparagus reminds me of my Dad.  Beauty is everywhere you look.  Peas are coming up, my sedum and peonies are peeking out from under the ground.  I need only clean away the mulch a little and sprinkle on some water and the garden comes alive. 

But then there’s the half empty side of the cup.  Weeds.  

Last week we had the lawn aerated.   We watered this morning thinking that with the heat and air near their roots, the grass will have a head start over the weeds. But crazy plants grow where they want.  A fern in the turf – come on!  Don’t they know to stay behind the plastic edging?!?

Then I have my hops to deal with.  I thought it would be fun to grow our own hops for our homebrew.  Little did I know that the vines would want to take over my vegetable garden.  Does anyone want some of these?  I’ll pull what I can for the Plant Swap on Saturday… but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Speaking of the Swap, they say it’s going to rain on Saturday... and we’ll be there – rain or shine.  If you come, please take one of my weeds and say they are the perfect plant for the perfect spot – even if it’s in your compost bin!