A Champlin Park High School student, who was accepted into multiple Ivy League universities, tweeted a prom photo with her date — her Harvard University admissions letter — which came with the arm candy of a full scholarship. The post went viral.

In the photo, Priscilla Samey, has her eyes closed and lips pursed as if to kiss that crimson page she holds in her hands that reads #Harvard2021. Her tweet on April 29 read, “Couldn’t find a man to accept me for prom so I took a college that did.”

As of late Tuesday afternoon, her post had been retweeted 28,000 times and had almost five times as many “likes.” She’s also gotten lots of questions from people who want to know how to get into Ivy League schools, where she bought her prom dress and why her photo was taken at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

At the end of March, Samey informed her Twitter followers that she had been accepted to Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Brown, the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell. “Look at what God did,” she wrote.

Samey’s parents are immigrants from Togo by way of Quebec. She wrote in her application letter of moving to Minnesota when she was 8, not speaking English, but slowly learning. She became a regional speech champion with a wall of medals and rose to the top of her class, according to a copy of the letter on website thetab.com.

She spoke of how her father, who has a doctoral degree, could only find low-paying work as an evening security guard.

“To me, the occasional jibe at my mispronunciations hurt, but the next day was forgotten,” she wrote. “But to my father, the insults were magnified by the fact that he could not provide for us simply because the eloquent English he spoke was difficult for some to understand.”

As for her prom dress, Samey said it was sewn out of fabric from Africa. She took the photo at St. Thomas because she thought it was pretty, she tweeted, adding, “Obviously I didn’t fly from MN to Cambridge for prom pictures.”

On his Facebook page, Samey’s proud father, Remi Samey, posted a link to thetab.com story and then wrote in French that his oldest daughter was also accepted into the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Rice, the University of Minnesota, Carleton and the University of Michigan. His daughter is on the wait-list at Stanford, he said. In total, she was accepted at 17 schools, realizing what he called the great American dream. Finally, we made it, he wrote.

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