Well, as I was pretending to attend college, she was a senior in college and a lot of smart people knew she was intelligent, what they didn't know at the time was how wise she truly was, even at what some might consider her formative years. When she started her last year of college, she didn't even apply for a job with Johns Hopkins, but they offered her one, and just before she graduated she was again, without applying, offered a position with the Rochester Mayo medical facility. She didn't apply because as a junior in college she met a man who was equal to her in many intellectual ways and he eventually graduated with honors and accepted a position with a large architectural firm where he rapidly rose up the career ladder. There career paths would have been too different, she knew it then, nobody else did. They bought a home in very respectable neighborhood and the homes were all in what I would call a manicured state, all except Janes. Jane's house along the curb had the same green lawn with posh landscaping but she also had a vegetable garden growing much to the neighbors chagrin. Jane was different. Jane also became a waitress at a fast food chain. The neighbors couldn't believe it. I knew Jane before I met her hubby and the three of us eventually became lifelong friends and over the years we've kept better than notes on each other's life's passing. Good and bad times alike, we take care of us, as a trio. So one day after he worked for the firm for 18 years and twelve's weeks plus two days, while we were picking her squash in the fall and piling up pumpkin vines her hubby came home and announced he wanted to change jobs. Jane grabbed him, gave him a hug, and said whatever you do honey; you'll be a success, so have at it. Not a question to what or where, just have at it. They sold everything and moved to a small northern Minnesota town where he became a fishing guide. She got a job as a waitress. Jane planted a garden in the back yard, because she preferred the light. So this last week, I asked them both, looking back, all these years later, any regrets. She said no, when I met him I knew he would not only be a great husband, he would be a fine man, and that's what he has always been. He said yes, he had one regret, why he waited all those years instead of just after college, the first time he thought about it, a career in life, he wished he would have become a fishing guide sooner, instead of later. The trout whisperer

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