MILWAUKEE — The parents of a 25-year-old man who died at a mental health facility are disputing over who'll get the money in a $1.4 million settlement with Milwaukee County.

The county agreed in January to settle a lawsuit over the 2012 death of Brandon Johnson at the Mental Health Complex, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Johnson died from a blood clot that moved to his lungs, triggered by a broken neck, a medical examiner determined. He had a genetic condition that made him prone to blood clots, the report said.

Johnson's estate would generally go to his parents, Alice Johnson and Marcus Crumble, because he had no spouse or will.

But Alice Johnson alleges she was raped by Crumble, who she said had little to do with his son and shouldn't get any settlement money. Crumble denied the allegations.

"I truly believe that the only reason Marcus Crumble came to the funeral was to get some money, and benefit from my son Brandon's death," Alice Johnson argues in her affidavit.

Crumble's attorney, Peter Balestreri, said even if Alice Johnson's allegations are true, they're not relevant to who is entitled to the settlement money since Crumble was formally deemed Brandon's father by DNA testing.

A hearing for the probate case is scheduled later this month. The dispute is over the remaining $837,209. More than $562,000 of the settlement goes toward attorneys' fees.