On Memorial Day weekend in 1987, my husband, Dave, and I went to look at a cabin for sale on Bone Lake, and we were smitten. When we closed on the cabin, we noticed the address was Luck, Wis., not Balsam Lake. Back in 1954, Dave and I (we didn’t know one another at the time) went with our church youth group for the day to a church member’s cabin in Wisconsin. Well, while shopping for furniture for our Luck cabin many years later, Dave and I ran into a person who had the same name as the cabin owner from 1954. We asked him if he had a cabin, and he told us it was on Bone Lake. Here we were owners of a cabin on the same lake where we had first noticed each other over 30 years ago. Soon after we moved in, we named the cabin “Lykkebo,” Norwegian for “Happy Home.”

All of our seven grandchildren, aged 12 to 26, have grown up going to Lykkebo. We planted a fruit tree for each grandchild, each with a stone at the base with his or her name. We all have special memories, and have celebrated many birthdays and holidays. One of our favorites is the sunset/dessert pontoon cruise around the lake. In October 2014, we lost Dave to cancer. He spent Labor Day 2014 at Lykkebo and enjoyed it very much. He knew he would not be back. All of us remember Dave’s kind and loving presence at Lyykebo.

Jan Nelson, Minnetonka