“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” argued American author John Steinbeck. He had a point — but I’m too cold to care much.

Looking at NOAA heating-degree-day data, we’ve spent 17 percent less than normal heating our homes and businesses so far this winter. January was the warmest since 2012; Tuesday the 17th day in a row warmer than average.

Long-range models hint at a mild bias into February, but it would be premature to daydream about spring. Both ECMWF and GFS models spin up a sloppy storm next Tuesday, followed by a subzero slap at the end of next week; just a couple of days of mildly acidic Yukon air freshener. By mid-February, 30s (above!) return. No panic necessary.

In the short term, we cool off into Thursday; a coating of slush on Saturday — but dry for Super Bowl Sunday parties.

Today’s blog includes research suggesting you’re more likely to catch the flu after a cold snap and a link between smog and dementia in older women, among other things. Who knew?