2015 Chateau Hellha Furmint

The fabulous Hungarian dessert wines known as Tokay or Tokaji Aszú have been around forever. (France’s King Louis XIV called them “the wine of kings and king of wines.”) But only fairly recently have we gotten dry wines made from the same grape, furmint. The 2015 Chateau Hellha Furmint ($12) is seriously delicious, with a super-lush nose and a veritable fruit cocktail of flavors rolling through the palate before a surprisingly dry, crisp, nigh onto elegant finish. Yum. Especially because the flavors linger for minutes at a time. Almost any Asian food would play deftly with this wine, as would spring salads and shellfish (or a spring salad with shellfish).

Available at BrightWines, Sentyrz, Wine Shop, Wine Market, Solo Vino, Scott’s and others.

Bill Ward