Vikings defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams had appeals filed on their behalf Tuesday in their ongoing case against the NFL, meaning their four-game suspensions again have been stayed.

The Williamses' continue to face suspensions from the league for taking a banned diuretic, but last week Hennepin County District Judge Gary Larson agreed to stay those bans if they appealed the case to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.
That court will automatically hear the case, which could take a few months. An appeal of that ruling to the state Supreme Court could take beyond the 2010 football season to complete, if that court agrees to hear the case.
The next step will be for the NFL to file its response.
Larson ruled on May 6 that the NFL violated the Williamses' rights under state labor law by failing to give the two timely notice of failed tests in 2008, but he also determined that they were not harmed and suffered no damages. His ruling dissolved his previous order allowing the two to play until their trial was done, causing the players to ask Larson to continue the stay of the suspensions.


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