One of the great things about New York is the hustle, the activity, the thrill of living in a place where art and commerce commingle, and the stars walk the same streets as the rest of the citizens, and - HEY, GET YOUR PRIVATE BUS OFF MY BLOCK, YA PUTZ:

Will Smith's tricked-out trailer was sent packing Wednesday after complaints from residents in the neighborhood where his new film is being shot.


The location shoot for "Men in Black III" has clogged the narrow streets of Manhattan's Soho district for several days. But among the two dozen trucks and trailers deployed there, the most prominent was the luxury apartment-on-wheels occupied by Smith.


The double-decker digs were larger than many Manhattan residences and had locals up in arms about its size, noise and fumes.


"I love Will Smith, but this is about survival," said Anessa Rahman, co-owner of an antiques store located a few steps from the curbside spot where the actor's trailer had been parked.

Look at the SIZE of that thing. The New York Post has more:

Will Smith has found a trailer to match his massive ego.


The megastar has docked a gargantuan, double-decker moveable mansion for his "Men in Black III" shoot smack in the middle of SoHo -- even though he's renting a luxury apartment less than a mile away.


Clocking in at 1,150 square feet, the titanic trailer is larger than most two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments in the city. Rent is $9,000 a week.

It has marble floors, and a 100-inch TV in the screening room. Oh, it gets better:

The production arrived Monday with around 25 trucks -- including a second, 55-foot trailer featuring Smith's full-sized gym.

Hey, if he had the permits, then get used to it. Where’s that famous New Yorker pride in your right to be rude and selfish?


Here’s something a guy in the nabe shot; according to the YouTube page, he says he asked someone outside the truck what they were shooting, and the man said “Doritos commercial.”


Another view. Looks like a beautiful day in Manhattan. You can hear the birds chirping, too. Is it just me, or does the second fellow they interview start out talking like a New Yorker and shift into a Scottish accent of some kind?




The real story here? They’re shooting Men in Black 3, and we still don’t know if they have an actual script.


Details, details. They could shoot ten hours of improv, edit it into some sort of story, add lots of CGI, put the actors in the poster in the MiB garb, and it would make enough money to keep that trailer’s engines running 24/7 until 2189.

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