The clock started ticking on Manny Ramirez's future as a Dodger on Friday, when the Chicago White Sox were awarded a waiver claim that gives them exclusive rights to make a deal to acquire Ramirez over the next four days. The teams now have until 1:30 p.m. ET Tuesday to complete a trade. According to a source monitoring the waiver wire, the White Sox were one of three teams to claim Ramirez after the Dodgers placed him on trade waivers Wednesday.

The Texas Rangers also claimed the 38-year-old future designated hitter, a source told's Richard Durett. And there were strong indications that the other team to claim Ramirez was the Tampa Bay Rays. But the White Sox had first dibs because they had the lowest winning percentage among the AL teams that put in a claim. None of other other 15 NL teams claimed him.

The piece lays out potential scenarios that could bring Manny to Chicago or leave him in Los Angeles.

Our one-paragraph take: No matter what you think Manny might or might not have left in the tank, you do not want this to go through if you are a Twins fan. Ramirez has plenty of baggage, and he's not the same hitter he once was. But he is still terrifying in a big spot.

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