The Star Tribune asked their new bloggers to submit a couple of favorite fishing photos. As I looked through my photos, wonderful memories came flooding back and not all related to the size of the fish in the picture.

I grew up shore fishing for bullheads during family camping trips at the lake with basic poles and worms or corn for bait. I didn't get "serious" about fishing until I moved to Minnesota and got a job in the outdoor field. All of a sudden, I needed to fish for work. (For many that would be a dream job!)I've had the opportunity to fish with professional fishermen and I definitely learned a lot, but the trips that remain at the forefront are the ones that include good friends and family, lots of laughter and sometimes, just the quiet time spent in beautiful surroundings repeatedly casting and retrieving a lure.

Through my affiliation with the MN Becoming an Outdoors Woman, I've meet women from all walks of life and through our shared love of the outdoors, a group of us have started taking an annual Canadian fishing trip.We spend all day on the water, catch and eat lots of walleyes; but the time away from the demands of work and being a mom and wife, with these friends in the pristine surroundings is more restorative than any massage. We start planning the next year's trip on the way home!

But the best trip was the leisurely day on a small lake near Brainerd when my daughter caught her first fish. She had been sharing the boat since she was an infant. In those early years, she did lots of sleeping on the deck, "freeing" minnows, and holding the net. But this trip was special, after weeks of practicing with a plug in the back yard, she was finally big enough to cast on her own. She would cast and patiently watch her bobber learning that perfect moment to set the hook. Her excitement with that first small bluegill has translated into a love of fishing. She's done the Mpls. Park district summer fishing club on Lake Nokomis and if she hears someone mention fishing – she has her pole and tackle box ready!

With her enthusiasm, I'm looking at outdoors sports through new eyes and taking the time to enjoy spending time together, teaching her skills that some day she will pass on to her own children.

(You'll find my postings will have a definite child and family focus and I hope they will inspire you to shut off the phone and TV and step outside to explore the water and woods together.)

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