Who’s having the best week ever? Easy. Without question, the undisputed, unequivocal, holy-crap-awesome owner of the most incredible week ever is Chewbacca Mom.

That would be Candace Payne aka the best laugher in the world aka creator of the most viewed Facebook Live video in the history of the universe.

Recap: On May 19, the Texas mother of two bought a talking Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s and proceeded to livestream her delight while still sitting in a parking lot. Her laugh? Like nothing the galaxy had heard before. The video reached 145 million views in less than a week.

That was just the beginning. Here’s what she’s done since:

• Kohl’s reps personally delivered $2,500 in “Star Wars” merchandise to her home, including Chewie masks for the kids.

• She appeared on “The Late Late Show,” driving host James Corden to work — and “Star Wars” geek god J.J. Abrams showed up in the back seat!

• Mark Zuckerberg invited her to Facebook’s headquarters and surprised her with Chewbacca himself. The two were photographed riding bikes around the Palo Alto campus.

• She appeared on “Good Morning America,” where the viral superstar finally explained the back story to buying that fateful Wookiee mask. “I honestly wasn’t there for the mask,” she said. “I was there for myself — for some yoga pants.”

She didn’t get the yoga pants. Now stop and think:

How different would the world be if Chewbacca Mom had left that store with just yoga pants? I wouldn’t want to live in that world.