The smartphone era has lightened our loads. Instead of packing our purses or pockets with a Walgreens store’s worth of necessary items, we’ve now got phones that have it all. Things we’d never leave home without are dwindling to a precious few.

Here’s a quick look at 20 things we no longer need to lug around.

Maps: Forget folding that unwieldy piece of paper.

Grocery list: Update it from home while your spouse is still at the store.

Checkbook: Apps like PayPal make paying bills a breeze.

Calculator: Use your phone to figure the tip.

Books: You’ve got an entire library in your pocket.

Handheld video games: Remember when the Game Boy seemed tiny?

Mirror: The built-in camera is perfect for touch­ups.

Address book: No need to alphabetize — or erase when someone moves.

Airline tickets: The true e-ticket.

Notepad: The days of hunting for a pencil are over.

Radio: AM? FM? Satellite?

Alarm clock: Take your wakeup call with you.

Snapshots: Digital albums are the new wallet photo.

Calendar: With alerts, never forget a birthday again.

Compass: You always know where you are.

Camera: Stills, video, Skype — it does it all.

Flashlight: Apps light up the night.

MP3 player: Shuffle, play, repeat.

Stamps: Don’t bother. E-mail has you covered.

Newspapers: Uh, never mind this one ...