Hey Team!

First of all it’s been an amazing 2 days! Okay, I’m going to rewind to yesterday and start from there-so here’s the skinny:

After breakfast at the hotel our two curling teams and some of the speed skaters (no Apollo was not there, I would totally tell you) had an ‘orientation to the Olympic Village’ type meeting with some USOC staff and 2 Olympic athlete ambassadors. One of the ambassadors was Dan O’Brien, a 2006 Olympic Gold medalist in the decathlon. HELLO! I used to watch Dan in the Olympics and even had several of his pictures up in my bedroom (this was in 1992 and I was a sophomore in high school-so don‘t make fun of me:). So when he cruised in to the meeting I literally dropped my jaw! I was mumbling to my teammates about how much I loved him when I was in high school and yada, yada, yada! They were laughing because I rarely am speechless. Which I was … for a brief moment;) And then I took my picture with him! Ha!


 That afternoon we moved in to the Olympic Village housing. We are lucky enough to be in these wonderful condo’s and we had made a housing request to be on the top floor and were granted that request! To our surprise … it’s the penthouse! Yahoo! So we spent the afternoon checking everything out and making our new digs, our new home!

Today we hit the ice and had a great practice. We did a little shopping … you know the important stuff like throw pillows and flowers etc. We really like to move in! This afternoon we had a great work-out, I webcammed with my family which is always lovely. And for this evening … a movie. In our penthouse!

So apparently I posted the wrong address to our team curling website. Classic Natalie! So I was close! But we are not in the casino business nor are we affiliated with them. So here is the link again, thanks for bringing it to my attention: www.teammccormick.net

Have a great day and thanks for your support. Go USA!

Cheers, Natalie!