With all this hot weather and overnight storms, the garden is looking great.  EXCEPT those plants that are affected by insects! 

My rose got eaten from top to bottom some leaf feeder a few weeks back.  I immediately grabbed the "all purpose rose spray" out of the garage and went at it.  The directions said to get the top and bottom of the leaves -- what leaves?  There was nothing left but sticks.  I sprayed anyway!  A couple weeks later I got some new leaves, sprayed them and hoped for the best.

If you've ever seen a shorn llama, that's what my shrub rose looks like.  Skinny sticks on the bottom and a fluff at the top.  I can't bear to cut it down so it will just have to do. 



After staring at my "llama rose" a few minutes I figured I better read what the University of Minnesota has to say... http://www.extension.umn.edu/distribution/horticulture/dg6953.html 

It looks like I had Japanese beetles attack my roses.  The best method of control is spraying, so I didn't mess up too much.  But, it sounds like they can come back.  I don't want to keep spraying all the time!  Now what?


Do dragonflies eat Japanese beetles?  How about toads?  This little feller lives near my pond. Maybe he'll help.

Anyone have suggestions?