When I tell people Minnesota is the Super Bowl of weather, I'm not exaggerating. The most extreme weather erupts near the center of continents, well away from the moderating influence of oceans. Only Siberia has greater swings in temperature and moisture.

Some days weather whiplash leaves me feeling an odd mix of pride and horror. Meteorologist Mark Seeley confirms February was Minnesota's snowiest. Ten climate stations reported over 100 inches of snow last winter. 2019 is the second wettest year so far in the Twin Cities, with rainfall 8 to 10 inches above average over southern Minnesota. Talk about extremes: The windchill in Hibbing on Jan. 30 was 65 degrees below zero, and Winthrop saw a heat index of 116 degrees on July 19. What's 181 degrees among friends?

Monday looks like the wettest day in sight, with over a half-inch of rain possible. Tuesday won't win any awards, with spits of rain and winds gusting to 30 mph. With the exception of a Friday shower, comfortable sunshine prevails from Wednesday into Labor Day, with highs in the 70s.