Over Memorial Day weekend I stumbled upon a rare find--the Copper River salmon  in stock at local restaurants and grocery stores. It's a rich, blood orange filet that's got a meatier, nuttier flavor than other salmon. And it's rich in healthy Omega-3 oils. Although a person can buy it frozen year round, it's only available fresh from the Copper River in Alaska for about three weeks every year.


Lunds/Byerly's currently has the Copper River salmon (sockeye, not the more expensive king) for $17 per pound on sale, regularly about $29 per pound. Others are charging similar amounts:


Cub Foods: $15 per pound on sale starting today (May 30)

Coastal Seafoods: $19 per pound on sale

Kowalski's: $17 per pound on sale

Costco: $10 per pound.

The great thing about Copper River salmon is that it's a forgiving fish. It's hard to ruin it and it's easy to dress it up with any simple marinade. And just think how much money you're saving compared to buying it in a restaurant. At Kincaid's in Bloomington and St. Paul, for example, you'll pay $29 for an eight ounce salmon steak (plus asparagus and mashed potatoes), where it's on the menu for two to three weeks while supplies last.

Anyone else found another reasonably-priced source for CR salmon this week?  Get it while you can.