In today's story about human billboards, a Great Clips salon in Maple Grove has a woman dressed in a scissors costume holding a sign that says "haircuts $6.99." FYI, that salon at will be charging only $6.99 for a haircut through November, said store owner Jennifer Max. The salon is located at 13550 Grove Dr., Maple Grove, 763-420-7800. Other Great Clips locations are most likely not participating in the deal, just the Grove Dr. location. 

So who else has haircuts for $8 or less? Empire Beauty Schools recently lowered the prices of its haircuts to $5 for guys and $8 for women at all locations. Bloomington, 952-881-8662; Eden Prairie, 952-906-2117; St. Paul,651-209-6930; Spring Lake Park, 763-717-1903;

Moler Barber School (2500 Central Ave. NE., Mpls., 612-788-4045) charges $7.50 for haircuts for men or women every day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, anyone 65 or older gets a cut for $5.50.

OK, OK, I know that many of you think that paying less for a cut means your hair will be butchered. I used to pay about $28 for a cut. Now I head to Fantastic Sam's, usually with a coupon, and get it for about $10 before the tip. I can't tell a difference, but I have straight hair. I've head others say their hair is hard to cut and so they pay more.

I'm just saying I used to think that too, but I've been happy with the less expensive cuts.

One more thing, is it really fair to charge women more than men, Empire? Shouldn't they just say short hair is $5 and long hair is $8? If you're a stylist and want to weigh in, feel free. I'm just wondering.