It's been an interesting day on KFAN, where 9-noon host Paul Allen (Page 2 Q&A from this past Sunday right here if you are interested) spent a good portion of his program talking about the relationship between the station and Gophers football -- or apparently the lack thereof.

Said Allen early in the program (audio available here):

"We got the word this morning that the head coach will not allow players or coaches to come on this radio station because he does not like the way this radio station has treated players or hiim or coaches or whatever it is ... and I think that's a real shame."

Our take: while it's Brewster's call as to what access is granted to his program and a part of us respects that he has drawn a line in the sand, he's missing the boat on this one. We have to imagine much of this has to do with critiques levied by drive-time savageur (our spelling .... kinda like it) and former Strib colleague Dan Barreiro. If that's the case, and similar teams followed suit, KFAN would be out of local guests in a hurry.

Brewster might not like criticism, but it comes with the territory of running a big-time program. His thin skin will probably cost the Gophers pretty good (and mainly positive) exposure on the state's pre-eminent talk radio station/network. And if you think KFAN was hard on the Gophers before? Well, we're guessing the vitriol will go up a notch now.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: We're told the parties have mended fences or some such thing already? That's what we're told Barreiro is saying on his show this afternoon. Was it a misunderstanding? The shortest rift ever? Stay tuned ...

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