Karen Hanson, the pick for provost of the University of Minnesota, will make $390,000, a U spokeswoman said Tuesday.

That's 12.2 percent more than the current provost, Tom Sullivan, whose 2010-11 salary is $347,600.

Right now, Hanson makes $308,288 as provost of Indiana University, Bloomington, a spokesman said.

The numbers restart a perennial argument. Is the salary appropriate for for the No. 2 spot at a $3.7 billion organization? Or is it bad form, especially as the U raises tuition? Leave your comments below.


Both Hanson and Sullivan get additional compensation beyond their base salaries.

Add to Sullivan's salary $75,000 in deferred compensation. That brings his total compensation to $422,600 -- more than the $390,000 offered to Hanson.

Add to Hanson's salary at Indiana University $10,000 a year in supplemental pay, a $3,000 annual housing allowance and about $13,000 for a car allowance. That brings her current total to $334,288.