Or ... not. But we can't resist. If your honey lives for that moment when the pizza box lid is lifted, consider Pizza Hut Perfume, a fragrance from the Canadian branch of the Pizza Hut empire. Featuring "notes of baked, hand-tossed dough," Eau de Pizza Hut was a limited-edition product of 110 bottles, shared with lucky Facebook fans. The company says it hasn't ruled out a department store placement. In the meantime, we've seen a few bottles on eBay listed as Pizza Hut perfume.

Last-minute gifts II?

Or ... not. If pizza doesn't appeal, how about some chicken 'n' waffles-flavored syrup from Torani? What started as an April Fool's joke sort of backfired: So many people were upset that the flavor wasn't real that the company decided to develop it. Said to balance the flavors of buttermilk waffles, fried chicken and maple syrup, the syrup is suggested for use in flavored butter, in a vinaigrette, or in bourbon cocktails. A bottle costs about $7 at www.torani.com.

Last minute gifts III?

Or ... not. KitchenAid is offering hand-painted, limited editions of its stand mixer for the holiday season, individually painted, numbered and signed by graphic artist Dean Loucks. The six designs include leopard, snow leopard and noir leopard; a zebra-striped Serengeti model; a flowery golden petal design; and shimmer, with blue flowers. If you blanch at KitchenAid's regular prices, better sit down. These babies go for $1,899. Interested? Visit www.shopkitchenaid.com/custommade. The deadline for delivery by Dec. 24 has passed, but there's always the new year.

But seriously, pears

Here's some genuinely useful information. December being National Pear Month, the Pear Bureau Northwest is highlighting the original pear recipes of six top food bloggers on its website. They cover the menu, with pear ginger thumbprints from Cara's Cravings, pear honey from Learn to Preserve, caramelized fennel and pear hash from Je Mange La Ville, spiced pear hand pies from Running With Tweezers, individual pear crisps from Country Cleaver, and pear and cardamom syrup from Cooking With Books. For the recipes, visit www.usapears.com.