We'll approach this item with care, in respect to those grieving Green Bay Packer fans among our readership after their season-ending loss on Sunday. A company called McNaughton Inc. of Plymouth and River Falls, Wis., is selling Tailgate Towels, "the official paper towel of the Green Bay Packers!" The green-and-gold towels come in two designs: Lambeau Field and cheering Packer fans. Promoted last week when the team's Super Bowl appearance seemed likely, fans still may find the towels useful for drying eyes and wiping up curdled cheese. Tailgate Towels are sold in two-packs for $19.67, and by the case. To order, visit www.mcincshop.com or call 1-800-423-5487.

How a chef cleans his catch

Despite the mild winter, people still are ice-fishing for their supper. For first-timers (or if your skills have atrophied since summer), Stewart Woodman has some tips for cleaning your catch. The executive chef of Heidi's in Minneapolis starts by using a very sharp knife to cut behind the gills from backbone to belly, cutting away but not completely severing the the head. Angle the knife toward the head to avoid wasting any of the fillet. Using the backbone and belly as guides, cut along the side of the fish from head to tail. Turn back the fillet and lay it skin side down. Run the knife between the skin and the meat, staying as close to the skin as possible by applying a small amount of pressure. When you've cut away the fillet, take out the rib bones by cutting under the ribs from top to bottom. Rinse the fillet in cold water, then repeat on the other side of the backbone. Easy-peasy, right?

Nice-insidey apple pie

Hallelujah! Monday is National Pie Day, celebrated each Jan. 23 to demonstrate that baking a pie is easy as 1-2-3. The American Pie Council suggests marking the day with a pie baking -- or pie tasting -- party for friends or co-workers, or to raise money for a favorite charity. There are scads of recipes at www.piecouncil.org. Just click on the ingredient icons.

Baby, it's cold outside

Speaking of pie makes us think of ice cream, which leads us to yet another "Hallelujah!" The Stillwater Convention and Visitors Bureau is hosting its annual ice cream social from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday. It's a fundraiser for the Washington County Historical Society, and takes place at Lowell Park, on the river in downtown Stillwater. There's free ice cream and coffee. Chili will be available for purchase, and a bonfire will provide further warmth. For details, visit www.discoverstill water.com.