"So am I a Dog Guy or Weekend Warrior?" Photo by Anthony Hauck

"So am I a Dog Guy or Weekend Warrior?" Photo by Anthony Hauck

"So am I a Dog Guy or Weekend Warrior?" Photo by Anthony Hauck

In the circle of pheasant hunting, how would you describe yourself? Years of research has led me to assign eight distinct categories...but Who knows? There may be more...


The Addict

Knows exact pellet count difference between 4 and 6 shot. Hunts before and after, and occasionally during, work. Pros: Rural lifestyle, stocked freezer. Cons: No hope for change.

The Habitat Helper

Hunting is merely another vehicle to witness the fruits of years of mechanical and manual labor. Pros: Booming bird populations, encyclopedic knowledge of flora and fauna. Cons: Everyone wants to hunt your land or rent your equipment...are they true friends?

The Elitist

Hunts pheasants in Hawaii and Kyrgyzstan. Refers to "collection of fine guns." Dogs fly first class. Pros: Expensive scotch, no tip calculator, doesn't rough it. Cons: Roughing it is half the fun.

The Dog Guy

Easily distinguished by 4-hole (minimum) dog trailer. Has more dogs than kids. Pointers or retrievers? Both. Pros: Dog rotations, dog power. Cons: Lots of dog poop.

The Weekend Warrior

Most common, family friendly version of "The Addict." Busts butt during week so weekends are free. Pros: Doesn't see spouse for 12 consecutive weekends. Cons: Doesn't see spouse for 12 consecutive weekends.

The Infantryman

Hooks up with around two dozen friends, forming what's clichéd as a "blaze orange army." Traditionally hunts openers, enjoys carnival like atmosphere. Pros: Spare ammo. Cons: Who knew forming straight lines was this hard?

The Veteran

Has more kill shots than you've seen birds. Always seems to be in right place at the right time. Hunting pheasants is like riding a bike, which reminds the veteran of the times he rode his bike to hunt pheasants. Pros: Crack shot. Cons: Knows a few.

The Novice

Only a couple pheasant hunts under the belt. Pros: The world awaits. Cons: Closer to "The Addict" than you think.

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