Over the past couple years we've been seeing it more and more. I don't think there is a way to stop invasive species, but we can slow them down. I've been wanting to make an impact myself. I wanted to do more about it. No matter how many times I pressure wash my trailer and boat after I leave a lake, no mater how many times I pull the plug on my boat, drain the live well and dump out my bait. It just never seemed as if I was doing enough. That's when I heard about Recycled Fish, and a event called the 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon. Right off the bat I jumped in head first. I figured here is my chance to make a bigger impact on the spread of invasive species and give others the chance to help out as well.

  You can click on the links above if you want to know more about the program. One of the things that I needed to do to get signed up to fish this event, was to provide my concerns and fish for a cause. Along with that I was asked to find a partner to fish with me and help document the fishing. I gave it some thought and decided to get the people who help with donations to go fishing with me. The top six sponsors will have their pick of times they can go on a 4 hour guided trip in the 24 hour time frame. Highest  paying sponsor gets first pick and the lowest of the top six gets last pick. Should the sponsor choose not to go fishing, I have several kids in the area that would love the chance to go and fish on the sponsors behalf. So here is your chance to make a difference. You can email your pledge to me at kevin@winkleroutdooradventures.com or if you would like to make your donation for a tax deduction, contact Teeg at fishrecycler@recycledfish.org  and tell him you want to sponsor me and the dollar amount you wish to donate. He has all of the Tax ID. info for you as well. Anyone can make a difference. You can sponsor $1.00 or $10,000.00 no donation is too big or too small when it comes to our resources.

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