Prince Albert’s 1940s ad campaign went to Minnesota, for some reason. It’s notable for the first panel, which presents what people apparently thought the state was like. For heaven's sake, did that diver have FAA clearance?

These people just can't shut up about Prince Albert. Also interesting that they're taking a canoe from Red Lake to Cass Lake, which is about 60 miles away. Well, maybe the water levels were high that year.

Finally, they reach Cass Lake:

They have to describe Paul, and yet they don't say "That Saxe-Colbert nobleman who married Queen Elizabeth, Prince Albert." It's as if they're not talking like real people at all.

MODERN TIMES This Newsweek story is lightly sourced, but for good reason. It's a look at the daily life of Putin, based on lots of conversations with people who don't want their words attributed to them, lest they get the jab in the shin. One fellow is brave enough to say this:

“. . . he knows he has failed to rule Russia in anything else but a feudal way. And the moment his grip falters... it will all come crashing down and he will go to jail... and Moscow will burn like Kiev.”

Worth reading.