It was a great weekend for sports, if you like sleeping on your couch.

Couldn’t bring myself to watch the Pro Bowl, although the game did leave me with this thought: How’d you like to be an AFC defensive player, relaxing in Hawaii, trying to get through the game without getting hurt, and then you look up and Adrian Peterson or Stephen Jackson are bearing down on you at full-speed?

Is it any wonder so many players bail out on this game? How’d you like to get hurt during what is essentially a Luau?

As for the NHL All-Star game, well....

Sorry, nodded off there.

TwinsFest went well. We did Sunday Sports Talk from the Sports Hall in Blaine. I’m always stunned by how many Twins players show up for the Caravan, TwinsFest and the Diamond Awards, and how gracious they are. Even Delmon Young, who isn’t exactly a big fan of mine, came on the radio with me the other night and was extremely classy.

While I think the Twins’ ability to bring their players in from all over the country to ride across the tundra in vans and buses is pretty unique, I do have to say all four major sports teams in town have become better and better at getting their athletes to do good works. Our guy Denny Green helped usher in a new era with his ``Community Tuesdays’’ in the ‘90s.

-I start thinking about spring when I see the first good golf tournament in the States. The Farmers Insurance tourney at Torrey Pines (where I saw Tiger Woods win the US Open on one leg) proved that, despite what I often say, golf can be interesting and relevant without Tiger.

Bubba Watson could be one to watch. He routinely hits it 350 with a swing that looks worse than mine, he’s goofy, he’s emotional, and he’s fun. Phil Mickelson is must-see TV, and Jhonny Vegas (not making that name up) has a classic swing and a lot of fire. Good stuff.

Sunday, we saw Phil Mickelson lay up on the 18th, then try to win the tournament by holing a 72-yard wedge shot while his caddy tended the flag. Again, not making that up.

Perhaps Phil could have won more majors with a more thoughtful approach over the years. But could he have been any more entertaining? I doubt it.

-I leave for spring training on Feb. 19, so I’m going to try to get my Winter Sports fix in before I head out of town. I’ll be at the Wild on Tuesday and the Wolves on Wednesday.

-Saw the Jayhawks twice this weekend at First Avenue, one night with my son, the next with my daughter.

Is there a better marriage of quintessential Minneapolis band and quintessential Minneapolis venue?

The band sounded wonderful - sharp and understated on Saturday, loose, fun and emotional on Sunday. Here’s hoping they remain a going concern for years to come.-

-I don't think losing at Purdue, for the Gophers basketball team, is any concern. But the way they lost - with Blake Hoffarber being taken out of the offense while trying to play point guard, and Rodney Williams disappearing - is.

-Gophers hockey loses at home to a team from Alaska? As the kids say, ``Really?’’ ``Seriously?’’

-Upcoming: I'll be on 1500espn at 2:40 p.m. each day this week, then will run a Super Bowl Sunday version of Sunday Sports Talk, 10-noon. We'll soon be making a big announcement - and I mean big - about the show. I know you won't be able to sleep now.

I'll also be on 1500espn with Joe Anderson tonight in the 6 o'clock hour.

As Tom Linnemann would say, ``Cheers.''




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