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Happy Saturday! Let's dispense with the pleasantries, shall we, and get straight on with the links:

*Canis Hoopus is into full off-season mode, and this week, they have an interview with arena host Mike Rylander, who's better known by his unofficial name amongst all people who've attended a Timberwolves game: "Holy smokes, is that Wally Szczerbiak?" Rylander's leaving to pursue better things, but it's still a good look at somebody who's been part of the game experience night in and night out at Target Center. (This is more than you can say about, say, Sebastian Telfair.)

*I don't know why this post - a 20-years-later look at a Belle Plaine HS baseball scandal that made the front page of the Star Tribune Metro section - is so fascinating to me. Maybe it's just nostalgia for 1991. Or maybe because this seems like such a quintessential small-town story - a non-issue that the whole town got caught up in and that ended up being a much, much bigger deal than it had any right to be. Whatever it is, I really enjoyed it.

*It turns out that skateboarder Tony Hawk is now 43 years old. This may make you feel old. It also turns out that he can still do a 900, 12 years after he did one for the first time. This may now make you feel lazy.

*Oh, those tricky St. Cloud State Huskies - you can't turn your back on them for even a minute.

*And finally: if you think that you'd enjoy a video of Alec Baldwin punching John Krasinski in the face over a baseball game, then have I got the video for you!

That's enough for this week; try to get out there and enjoy the weekend. Also try to forget that it was cold and rainy last weekend and is muggy and rainy this weekend, and in between when you were stuck in the office, it was gorgeous and sunny out. You won't be able to forget. But try.

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