Americans are as competitive about hometown weather as we are about our favorite football teams.

"It's November and people are still boating!" I told my oldest son in Seattle. "Oh yeah? Well, it's raining here, but it's a warm rain." A friend in Scottsdale, Ariz., assured me, "It's a dry heat." So is my oven, but I don't stick my head inside. Another friend in Naples, Fla., is looking forward to January. "Puffy cumulus clouds, 80 degrees, what's not to like?" Storms with names, for one. Even Maui, Hawaii, as close to perfect as you can get, sees occasional hurricanes. I'm feeling even better about Minnesota, especially considering El Niño warmth coming out of the Pacific should take the edge off the winter to come.

Right now I don't see any snowstorms between now and Thanksgiving. The atmosphere will be warm enough for rain Wednesday into Thursday morning; some half- to 1-inch amounts are possible.

Minor league cold fronts arrive late week and again late next week, but nothing polar. November Lite continues.