Each week, a guest picker chooses a QB, WR and RB. The only players off-limits are those selected by the previous week's picker. This week's guest is Minneapolis-based publicist and writer Maggie LaMaack, who says this is the first season she has watched pro football (so far she is "not impressed"). Her goal for this week's challenge is to not disgrace her father, she said. LaMaack will go head-to-head against Star Tribune writer Michael Rand, who is not allowed to pick anyone ranked in the top 10 by NFL.com's weekly positional projections:


QB: Philip Rivers, Chargers

NFL.com weekly rank: No. 16

Matchup: Cowboys

I would have went with Aaron Rodgers here, but I wouldn't want to give Packers fans the satisfaction. [Editor's note: Also, the Packers have a bye week].

RB: Adrian Peterson, Vikings

NFL.com weekly rank: No. 1

Matchup: Steelers

The Vikings must be due for a good game, right? Plus, AP is probably pretty upset his daughter made fun of him after last week's loss.

WR: Dez Bryant, Cowboys

NFL.com weekly rank: No. 25

Matchup: Chargers

Bryant didn't have great game last week, but in Sunday's game against the Chargers there isn't really anyone that can cover him. Also, the last three teams that have played the Chargers have all collected a ton of fantasy points. Thanks, Google.


QB: Drew Brees, Saints

NFL.com weekly rank: No. 15

Matchup: Dolphins

Miami has only allowed four TD passes in three games, but I'm guessing this is the week the Dolphins (3-0) come crashing down to earth in a big way. Brees lights them up for 350 yards and at least two scores.

RB: Jamaal Charles, Chiefs

NFL.com weekly rank: No. 15

Matchup: Giants

The Giants are a mess, Maggie. As an emerging NFL fan, you must know this. I like Charles to have a big week. Maybe afterward AP's daughter will make fun of Eli Manning, instead.

WR: Eric Decker, Broncos

NFL.com weekly rank: No. 20

Matchup: Eagles

I don't need Google to know Decker, an ex-Gopher, is living the dream. He and his gorgeous wife are expecting their first child. His QB is Peyton Manning. And on top of it, he gets to play the Eagles!


Winner: Michael Rand— Cam Newton (29.4), Matt Forte (17.1), A.J. Green (10.6). Total: 57.1.

Loser: Peter Osborn— Peyton Manning (24.8), Marshawn Lynch (6.9), Calvin Johnson (17.5). Total: 49.2.

Overall standings: Guest pickers 1-2.