Wes Welker is going to test free agency, it is being reported Wednesday morning, leading to an interesting question: If he was available, would you want Welker on the Vikings?

Before we get too far, Welker could just be testing the market in order to drive up his price before re-signing with the Patriots. If you got to play with Tom Brady every year, why would you go anywhere else?

That said, Welker could be looking to cash in somewhere else after being slapped with the franchise tag a year ago.

So this might just be hypothetical in terms of potential availability to the Vikings, but let's run through it quickly anyway.

On the plus side, he's a proven pro -- a veteran who has caught at least 110 passes in five of the last six seasons. He plays through all types of pain and he's as tough as they come.

On the negative side, he's not a field-stretcher. His skills and Percy Harvin's skills would be somewhat redundant, so if you plan to keep Harvin, paying two guys who have similar strengths (working short, breaking tackles) doesn't make a ton of sense.

Then again, could you argue the Vikings don't really need a field-stretcher as much as they simply need quality wide receivers? If the offense is built around Adrian Peterson, don't they need someone who can pick up first downs on 3rd-and-4 to keep the chains moving?

Again, this is probably just hypothetical. Even if Welker were to sign somewhere else, we can think of plenty of other better fits. We're mostly just curious if people would want the Vikings to make a major play for him or pass instead.


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