Let's start by saying we would imagine there is a 99.9 percent chance this would never happen, and maybe that is even being too optimistic. Why should you keep reading? Because the prospect of Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau even possibly being available in the same offseason the Wolves are looking for a new head coach is enticing.

The Bulls lost to the Wizards in five games of their opening round series, getting finished off last night at home. It was not Thibodeau's fault. He lost Derrick Rose (again) to injury, then watched as Bulls management shipped out Luol Deng midseason. He still managed to carve 48 wins out of this Bulls season with a team that has fewer than zero legit scoring options.

There is no guarantee that he will be available since he is under contract for next season and beyond, but there is a general sentiment that he is at odds with his bosses and the two sides could very well seek a mutual parting of ways.

If that happened, there would be a ferocious battle among many teams to land his services. There would figure to be more attractive jobs than the Wolves job to choose from, to be sure -- most notably the possibility that Indiana and/or Oklahoma City could be in the hunt if either/both are upset in the first round (both are down 3-2 in their respective series).

Thibodeau would bring an element of toughness and defense to any team he coached, something that would be a major asset with this Wolves group. And if you are looking for a sliver of hope, his first NBA job was as an assistant with the expansion Wolves under Bill Musselman. That said, this is almost certainly a dream and not reality. If the Wolves want a Thibodeau clone, they'll probably have to find him among the ranks of current NBA assistants.

But he would be a near-perfect coach here. A guy can dream, right?

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