What do Wisconsin fans want? ALCOHOL! (Yeah, no kidding).

When do they want it? RIGHT NOW! (Or at least two hours earlier).

Yes folks, 8 a.m. just isn't good enough for our imbibing neighbors to the east. It seems a law aimed very much at making it easier for fans to buy alcohol for tailgating parties could change that opening time to 6 a.m.

Per Fox11:

Enjoying an adult beverage before a big game is something Wisconsinites have been doing for years. "Clearly there is a tailgate factor," said State Rep. Dean Kaufert, R-Neeha. "I mean we're in Wisconsin. We love our tailgating. People love it."

Kaufert says he has heard from people who want to pick up their alcohol on their way out of town to a big game whether it's the Brewers, Badgers or Packers. He's also heard from the Wisconsin Grocers Association.

"They had found their members were asking them, times have changed and people's buying habits have changed. More and more people were buying early in the morning," said Kaufert. Committees in both the State Senate and Assembly have approved the idea of allowing stores to sell liquor and beer at 6 am.

Please do read the entire story. As someone who has several friends from Wisconsin -- including one who had another friend who moved back to Wisconsin from Minnesota in disgust (and we are not making this up) because Minnesota "doesn't take drinking seriously enough -- we are hardly shocked. The mere act of drinking is celebrated as THE event by many more folks in Wisconsin than Minnesota, we think, rather than just part of the social experience.

Your thoughts on the tailgate law and Wisconsin drinking, please, in the comments.

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