First, the disclaimer: None of the Twitter speculation we are referencing below should be taken as fact. We are merely documenting, on the side, the hysteria that has gripped Minnesota when it comes to the Gophers men's basketball coaching search (and in particular fans hoping the Gophers get VCU coach Shaka Smart).

It is quickly approaching Favre-ian levels, and we are less than 48 hours removed from Tubby Smith being fired as Gophers coach. One thing we should note: through any of the faults or frustrations you found with Smith, he did leave this program in better shape than he found it. Three NCAA tourneys, a win over UCLA this year, five of six seasons with at least 20 wins and running things clean are nothing to sneeze at when you look at Gophers history. If he can be compared to Glen Mason, Norwood Teague needs to make sure this hire is not Tim Brewster.

Which brings us back to Shaka.

The national media is reporting that Smart and VCU are working on a contract extension, which makes sense. The Star Tribune will continue to report on the entire coaching search, not just Smart.

What about the crazy Twitter rumors? We'll update with the ones that could have an element of truth as the pandemonium spreads. #WhereIsShaka

*Shaka is in Minneapolis? And he is set to get a hefty contract?

*Shaka is still at VCU, and he's sitting in the cafeteria this morning?

*Shaka is playing Joust with Dana Wessel at Rusty Quarters? (Probably not, but let's not rule out anything).

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