If you weren't already mad and/or frustrated with the NFL owners and leadership over their grasp of perception vs. reality, then an ESPN report might tip you over the edge. See, Roger Goodell wants the NFL draft to be special. You know, for the players and the fans. And he thinks it would be a shame if anything disrupted that.

So he wants business as usual ... except when things aren't business as usual. He wants to make things special for the fans ... except when the league is dumping on fans. We call that "having it both ways." From the report:

In a Tuesday night interview with ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on "SportsCenter," Goodell responded to the recent revelation that the union may be devising an alternate draft day plan for prospects that would normally be invited to Radio City Music Hall, where the draft will be held April 28-30.

"I just think it's a shame for young men that are starting their careers in the NFL, that are having that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come across the stage, become an NFL player for the first time [to not be able to attend the draft]," Goodell told Schefter. "It's a really special moment and I hope they get to experience it."

Goodell called the chance to attend the draft, walk onto the stage and accept a team's jersey after being selected a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"It's a special moment for them," Goodell told Schefter. "It's a chance for them to realize their hopes and dreams and become an NFL player. ... I hope they'll be able to continue to do that because it's not only enjoyed by the players, it's also enjoyed by the fans."

Multiple league sources told Schefter on Monday that the NFLPA is putting into place a plan that would prevent each top college prospect from attending the draft. According to the sources, the 17 top prospects who ordinarily would have received an invitation to attend the draft have been contacted and it was recommended that they not attend.

One source told Schefter on Monday that the NFLPA plans to give the prospects the "same experience down the street."

Combined with the Adrian Peterson quote about slavery and Saints DE Alex Brown joking about being on WIC, nobody is looking very good right now. Everybody is out of touch. Everybody is used to getting his way. And the longer this labor stink goes on, the more people we are going to eventually dislike.

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