You might remember that several months ago, we challenged Gophers-starting-QB-to-be (and now just Gophers starting QB) MarQueis Gray to a Twitter challenge. The original race was to 2,500 followers. We started about 100 up on poor MarQueis (about 2,200 to 2,100), and we actually made it to 2,500 first. But that was the offseason. And we started with the edge. So in fairness, we extended the challenge to a race to 3,000. And folks, it wasn't even close.

Once Jerry Kill mania started sweeping the state and Gopher Nation found its way to Twitter, Gray clobbered us. He topped 3,000 a couple days ago and has about 3,060 right now. It happened so fast that we didn't even notice. Thankfully, MarQueis (as noted by that screen-grab) was there to remind us (it should be said, though, that he also graciously conceded and remembered that we reached 2,500 first).

Nonetheless, the self-defined terms of the final race were to 3,000. As we sit a tick over 2,650 and MarQueis is more than 400 ahead, there can be no controversy here. MarQueis is the guy.

Sadly, NCAA rules -- or at least our confusion over exactly what the NCAA rules might say -- will preclude us from giving him any sort of actual prize other than a hearty congratulations. You will not get to see a sweaty MarQueis holding up a RandBall T-shirt. It's probably for the best, since the last guy to accept a prize for winning a RandBall Twitter challenge doesn't have the same job anymore.

So congrats, MarQueis. Anyone not following him on Twitter -- a number apparently shrinking by the minute -- can find him here.

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