dozierBrian Dozier is in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. He’s not a prototypical slugger as a rather svelte middle infielder, but Dozier does have 16 homers this year and 27 in approximately the last calendar year (since last July 6).

It made us curious about a little bit of a deeper look into his home runs — particularly those at Target Field, since that’s his home ballpark and obviously the place the derby will be held. All these numbers are for 2013 and 2014 combined:

*In that span, per Hit Tracker, Dozier has 17 of his 34 home runs at Target Field. All of them have been to left or left-center (in fact, every home run he has hit in the majors has been to the left of straightaway center). Because he is such a dead pull hitter, we imagine he might have some success in the derby.

*All but one of his homers at Target Field has traveled less than 400 feet. The longest was a 412-foot blast on Sept. 23 last season. (Here’s video of it). So he’s not hitting the prodigious homers of his peers. For instance, Jose Bautista has 15 home runs of more than 400 feet this season.

*Some hitters worry about the derby messing with their swing, but perhaps the derby will get Dozier back on track. He’s hitting just .190 with a .238 slugging percentage and one home run in his last 84 at bats.

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