As you *might* recall, the Vikings and Packers have met one other time in their history in the playoffs. It was after the 2004 season, when the Vikings stumbled to an 8-8 record but still backed into the playoffs, while the host Packers won the division. They were the two highest-scoring teams in the NFC. They both played shoddy defense. And then they met at Lambeau Field and the Vikings clobbered the Packers 31-17. It was great. Randy Moss did a fake-moon. Life was good.

However, reader Luke M. wants to remind us all of the roster that took the field for the Vikings that day. It is, as they say, enough to make you wonder how it really happened. Luke?


Four INTs by Favre did the Packers in. Some friends and I were trying to remember the starters on that Vikings team. Offensively it was a little easier. I had forgotten how pedestrian the defense truly was. According to pro-football-reference, the offense was 6th in the league, and defense was 26th.

Starting Lineups
Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay: January 9, 2005

Daunte Culpepper QB - We all know his story.
Michael Bennett RB - started 7 games in 2004, rushed for 276 yards. Left after 2005 season.
Randy Moss WR - was final MN season before 2010 debacle.
Nate Burleson WR - still going strong in Detroit after stop in Seattle.
Marcus Robinson WR - Out of league in 2006 after 3 seasons in MN
Jermaine Wiggins TE - Out of league in 2006 after 3 seasons in MN
Bryant McKinnie LT - A true pro's pro, even in 2012 in Baltimore...
Chris Liwienski LG - Left MN after 2005, out of league after 2007 season.
Matt Birk C - still functioning in Baltimore
David Dixon RG - 2004 was final season.
Adam Goldberg RT - had surprisingly fruitful career; played in St. Louis from 2006-2011.
Kenny Mixon LDE - 2004 was final season.
Darrion Scott DE - Started 28 games for MN in 05 and 06; fell off map before making minor comeback in Washington in 2010 and 2011. Out of league.
Kevin Williams LDT - Still going strong in MN.
Spencer Johnson RDT - 29 career starts, has made backup career in Buffalo. Left MN after 2007 season.
Keith Newman LLB - Out of league in 2006.
E.J. Henderson MLB - Solid 9 year career, all in MN.
Chris Claiborne RLB - Left MN after 2004 season; out of league in 2006.
Antoine Winfield LCB - 2004 was first in Minnesota.
Brian Williams RCB - Starting CB a few seasons in Jax. Out of league in 2012.
Willie Offord SS - 4 year NFL career ended in 2005. Made 7 career starts, all with MN.
Brian Russell FS - Followed up 9 INT season of 2003 with 1 in 2004; left MN after season and was done in the NFL by 2009


Questions: Which name among the 22 starters surprised you the most? ... Can you name the Vikings player who scored the first TD in the playoff game? ... Did you remember Daunte went 19 for 29 with 284 yards, no picks and four TD passes, along with 7 carries for 47 yards? Man he was good before he was hurt.

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